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good people [Oct. 12th, 2005|10:15 am]
[Current Mood |awake]
[Current Music |angry anymore- ani]

i have to work until 8 tonight. i go in at 12. so i think i'm going to catch about the last five minutes of gospel study. which normally wouldn't bother me but this week was much more old-testement oriented and i'm thoroughly confused. oh well.

stitches of love was fun last night. we finished and blessed what we're sending to the katrina victims. and christi and sam showed up!! that was cool. and she asked me if i read what paul wrote. of course i did and i really appreciated it. but sometimes i think that i vent so much on my livejournal that my life sounds way worse than it actually is. cuz i'm so blessed to have ameya and her family. i really am. and i can't wait until christmas. i love christmas with norma and fred and all of the family.

i went down to sinclair yesterday and they told me that because i filled out my fafsa with my dad's information and he won't sign it so that i can recieve my financial aid that i have to wait to re-apply next year after i file my taxes. which is about four months from now. i think i might start next fall. and after my financial aid runs out i'll just start taking out loans. but in between now and febuary i am going to get an apartment with ameya and carmen. carmen is our penpal from arizona who we've been corresponding with for years. she's really unhappy at ASU and wants to move here and go to sinclair. which is cool. we'd all be living off of rice and ramen but we'd be happy. we're looking at moving in decemberish. that sounds good.

we'll see how it goes.